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Friday, 22 August 2008

Reform of Welsh Council

The BMA's annual meeting in July approved changes to the rules, allowing Welsh Council's structure to be altered, to better meet our needs. The voting membership has been reduced to 24: nine ex-officio members recognising the principal branches of practice in Wales, plus fifteen directly-elected members. The "direct election" component is a first for us and we hope to encourage doctors who aren't otherwise active in the BMA, to stand. The election is now under way and I'm pleased that 25 doctors are standing as candidates for the 15 places - good luck to everyone involved.

The results will be announced on 12 September and I'll publish the results here. It's important that you know who the new members of Welsh Council are, as it's part of their job to keep in touch with doctors across their "patch" i.e. you! One of their first tasks will be to elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman from among their number as Tony Calland, our current Chairman, has reached the end of his term of office.

I'll also publish the details of the new Chairman and Vice Chairman once the results are announced on 1 October.

The date of the first meeting of Welsh Council for this Session is Friday 3 October.