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Monday, 29 September 2008

Disorganised reorganisation?

I couldn't agree more with the views of Welsh Conservative Health spokesperson and Chair of the Assembly's Health Committee, Jonathan Morgan about proposed structural changes to NHS Wales.

We were told by the Minister that the second-stage consultation would be published in the Autumn. It's nearly October and we still don't have it. As for these changes being in place by April 2009. That seems far too optimistic as every new day passes.

BMA Cymru Wales has been very clear, structural changes must result in better services for patients and more resources targetted at frontline services. We believe that in order to achieve these ambitions doctors need to be involved in the discussion on these reforms at the highest level.

We await Edwina Hart's statement with interest ...


  1. Ever hear the joke about the guy who in his first day in a job came across a note from his predecessor?

    The note read there are three envelopes in the bottom draw marked A,B & C when you run into some trouble open envelope A, etc.

    Things are going ok, then something happens, remembering the three envelopes he goes to the bottom draw and opens envelope A:

    "Blame your predecessor"

    And that's what he does, things are fairly stable for a couple more months, then trouble - reaches immediately for envelope B

    "Reorganise your department"

    Does so, things calm down until six months down the road: Again he goes for the last envelope, envelope C, written on the letter in the envelope:

    "Get three envelopes, mark them A, B & C....."

  2. I would respectfully suggest that it's not only doctors who should be consulted - maybe the staff at "ground level" should have a voice too and as for it being "the last reorganisation for a generation" - interesting - is that a threat or a promise?


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