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Monday, 6 October 2008

Another first for Wales!

Devolution allows us to put the concerns of some of the most vulnerable parts of society under the spot-light. First, it was children and now it's older people.

Wales is the only country in the world which has a designated Older People's Commissioner.

Last week the Older People's Commissioner, Ruth Marks, launched her first ever report. In that report she gave some indication of what is important to older people in Wales. Unsurprisingly she's found that the cost of long-term care; the lack of public transport, especially in rural areas; and a desire to be involved and be listened to, are all high on her agenda.

BMA Cymru Wales has already met with Ruth Marks and we look forward to working with her to ensure that all patients, regardless of age, get the treatment and respect they deserve.


  1. I do hope she is going to consult with some of the people facing the challenge of providing care to older people in Wales, I for one have many insights I would be delighted to share.....

  2. I quite agree Caroline and I'm sure she will.

    Having met Ruth myself, she seems totally committed to seeking views from as many people as possible.


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