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Monday, 6 October 2008

WAG hits back over free prescriptions 'nonsense'

I nearly choked on my Sunday morning cornflakes when I read in a London-based tabloid newspaper that the plug could be pulled on free-prescriptions in Wales. I don't know whether there is some concerted attempt to undermine the policy but it does seem that a week does not go by these days without negative and nonsense stories about free prescriptions.

That's why I'm glad that the Welsh Assembly Government has issued such a robust response to this 'nonsense'.

A story in yesterday's News of the World - claiming that Wales is about to end free NHS prescriptions - is absolute nonsense! The Welsh Assembly Government told the News of the World on Friday that there was absolutely no intention of 'pulling the plug' on our free prescription scheme.

The scheme is a long term investment in managing chronic conditions and improving health will ultimately reduce the cost and pressure on the NHS. The scheme is highly popular, and we are delighted that Scotland and Northern Ireland are following our lead. We're at a loss to understand where this story in the News of the World has come from.

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  1. I can afford to pay for prescriptions and I would like to pay for them so that the money saved could be used elsewhere in our ailing health service


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