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Monday, 24 November 2008

Barriers in hospital car parks inevitable consequence of abuse of system

So, Swansea's Singleton hospital has finally had to bite the bullet and invest in car park barriers to stop people who aren't actually going to the hospital, from parking their cars there.

Since free parking at Welsh hospitals was introduced earlier this year, it's been noted in the press, just how many people are taking advantage of the changes. I even blogged on it to try and highight the issue and stop drivers from abusing the system.

Now, bosses at Singleton say it's so bad there, they've had patients missing appointments because they can't find a parking space. I find it incredible that those of us who just want to spend a few hours wandering around Swansea City centre for a few bargains, are actually preventing patients from getting the help and treatment they need. But I guess it is inevitable, given human nature, that people will try and take advantage of free parking for patients. So we clearly have to send these same people the message that it's inappropriate and they are simply disadvantaging the very individuals that everyone wants to help with this initiative - patients and their relatives.

Hopefully, installing barriers will nip this growing problem in the bud, before it gets any worse. And it is right and proper that hospitals police parking arrangements to ensure that the right people have access to the facility. Free parking is the right policy for Wales and it shouldn't be spoilt by a selfish few.

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