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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hidden and human cost of the credit crunch

A top Welsh police chief says there could be more victims of domestic abuse, as the credit crunch takes hold. If that's the case it's a sad, and very disturbing consequence of economic hardship.

Gwent Police chief constable Mick Giannasi says there is evidence of more tensions behind closed doors, as families worry about money.

Of course, the stress of finding enough cash to pay the bills and feed the family all adds up to more pressure on the breadwinner(usually male). But there can never be a valid "excuse" for violence in the home.

The BMA is aware its members can play a part in getting this hidden issue more out into the open, previously calling on doctors and all health professionals to be increasingly aware of domestic abuse. Doctors need to ask their patients the right kind of questions about attacks in the home and respond appropriately. They need also to be given training in dealing with domestic abuse, to "spot" the signs.

Today, on White Ribbon Day, here are just two alarming statistics, highlighting the depth of the problem.

Domestic abuse is THE number one cause of death for women across the world, aged between 19 and 44.

Domestic abuse accounts for 50% of women who are murdered.

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