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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Dedication of doctors in Wales shines through

On the Friday before Christmas, one of my relatives unfortunately had a fall and fractured a wrist. I had to accompany my relative to our local Accident and Emergency Department, at a well-known Trust in Wales. I have to say that the whole experience - while not one I doubt anyone would particularly choose - couldn't really have gone much better.

After a reasonable wait in the A&E department, with a computer system that easily found my relative’s details, we were quickly ushered into the treatment area. From the initial examination and assessment by an able, capable and professional young Casualty doctor, through to the x-ray department and the high-tech digital x-ray facilities, to the Treatment Room and reduction of the fracture through to recovery and an overnight stay on the Ward - the whole experience demonstrated yet again the absolute dedication and professionalism of doctors in Wales and other healthcare professionals.

Irrespective of political and managerial reform of health services in Wales, or elsewhere, the one abiding and unchanging aspect of health is the need of the individual and the skill and the dedication of the doctors able to deliver it.

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