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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Welsh children taught how to “mend” their eating habits

The Welsh Assembly Government has come up with what seems like Wales’ answer to America-style fat boot camps.

Under the Mend (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It!) Scheme, children aged 7-13, considered to be overweight can access diet and exercise courses. Official statistics seem to suggest this is a necessary step to take, with youngsters here having some of the highest body mass indexes in the world.

With any scheme like this it is important the whole family gets involved and supports it, as it’s often the parents who decide their child’s diet and eating habits. There wouldn’t be much point the child learning about healthy eating and exercise, if a plate of burger and chips is then placed in front of them. Mums and dads also need to be able to recognise when their child is at the stage of being classed as overweight instead of just putting it down to ”puppy fat”. With all the family being on board with an initiative like this, the results will hopefully last for longer than the duration of the 10 week course.

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