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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Welsh NHS hospital buildings – "not so safe as houses"

Worrying news from the Welsh Liberal Democrats today. They’ve uncovered figures which apparently show a half a billion pound repair and maintenance bill to get NHS hospital buildings in Wales to an adequate safety level. Perhaps what’s even more of a concern is the fact that some of these safety targets were set back in 2002. So, for the past 7 years, many of our members have no doubt been working in premises which don’t meet basic health and safety regulations.

No one can deny the fact that NHS staff working in hospitals do extremely important jobs and deal with often very stressful situations. So surely the least they deserve is to have buildings that are fit for purpose, rather than having the added worry about their own health and safety when just going about their daily routines.

Let’s also not forget about the patient here too. If essential maintenance and repairs isn’t being carried out on hospital buildings, then anyone needing treatment in one is undoubtedly having their health and safety put at risk too. This really is an unacceptable situation, both for our members and the public and I urge the WAG to do something about it, now.

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  1. Instead of jumping on some attention grabbing politically motivated stunt by the Lib Dems - why doesn't the BMA lead a real debate about what the NHS can and cannot fund? The BMA is far too quiet on the real issues and seem intent to jump on bandwagons.


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