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Monday, 9 February 2009

Time's running out for Staff-grade Doctors who want to apply for Re-grading to Associate Specialist

The Welsh Staff and Associate Specialists Committee would like to remind doctors that the window of opportunity for re-grading to associate specialist level closes on the 31st March, 2009.

Raj Nirula, Chair of the Welsh Staff and Associate Specialists Committee, says
"The benefits to Trusts of regrading are numerous and far outweigh the small cost involved. Not only will it ensure maintenance of a high quality service and the retention of experienced, highly skilled senior medical staff but it will ultimately help improve the quality of patient care.

"We hope that all Clinical Directors and others within Trusts throughout Wales will take positive action by recognising and rewarding this valuable group of doctors. It is important that they receive the regrading that they deserve. The BMA’s WSASC urges all Trusts and employing authorities to regrade to associate specialist all those staff grade doctors and others that are already performing at the level of associate specialist."

Only applications received on or before the 31st March will be considered and those that are successful will have their pay backdated to the date of application.

Further guidance on the re-grading process is available to BMA members at

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