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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ways for BMA members to broaden their horizons

This post will hopefully be of interest to most of our members, but it may be of particular interest to junior doctors, who may find it a bit easier at the start of their careers and whilst still relatively ‘young’ (not that I want to in any way be ageist here!) to head off to another country. I just want to highlight some new guidance issued by the BMA about doctors working in developing countries.

’Broadening your horizons: a guide to taking time out and work and train in developing countries’ outlines national policies, as well as examples of best practice. It’s aimed at both doctors and those in medical education and employment. It supports doctors at all stages of their careers to take time to work in developing countries and make it a valuable part of their NHS careers.

The guidance is available on the BMA website at

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