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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ARM – day two - Chair of Welsh Council addresses conference

Dr Andrew Dearden, Chair of Welsh Council has opened day two of the ARM, in Liverpool.

In his address, Dr Dearden has just delivered an update of BMA Cymru Wales’ work over the last year, outlining the new-look Welsh NHS. He views the last twelve months as a success for the BMA in Wales, in engaging with both the profession and the public as well of course, as representing members.

A packed conference hall loudly applauded at the mention of the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment to free accommodation for junior doctors, and at the wise and more enlightened approach the WAG has taken "to build a health service free from commercial pressures, free from competition and free from private, profit driven provision."

As Dr Dearden adds "We are also now beginning to see real benefits of political devolution. The health service in Wales remains true to the ideals of its founder, even if they have been forgotten or deemed irrelevant elsewhere".

But, it doesn’t end there. As we know the health service in Wales is far from perfect, and those working within it are facing fresh and difficult challenges. The historic legacy of under funding health in Wales, coupled with higher levels of disease and deprivation, is hard to overcome. That is why the current NHS re-organisation has to work, we can’t afford for it not to. And with proper and constructive clinical engagement, it will.

Our current focus is on the plight of Junior Doctors and Medical Students in Wales which we will be doing a lot of work on over the next year and beyond if necessary.

Dr Dearden told conference: "We will drive home our message to both hospital managers and politicians, that the effective training of junior doctors and medical students is not a luxury – it is not an optional extra, expendable in the face of targets, it is one of the most critical components for the future success of the NHS in Wales and the UK".

Dr Tony Calland, former Chair of Welsh Council, followed Dr Dearden’s address, putting forward a motion on IT in the Welsh NHS - another area where we seem to be leading on (it’s not often that a BMA Council proposes a motion praising Government – a fact that Dr Calland also recognised in his speech!) He states that WAG has taken a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to modernizing medical IT systems, and has worked closely with the profession to develop it – which is the key to its success, I’m sure.

It’s time for a lunchtime break and a quick walk around the Albert dock, preparing for this afternoon’s agenda which includes community care, mental health, safeguarding children and forensic medicine.

More to follow...

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