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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Reminder about GMC Licensing campaign

I thought it important to bring to members’ attention the launch of the next phase of the GMC’s licensing campaign, called ‘Licensing: it’s time to decide’.

The GMC’s been asking registered doctors to confirm whether they wish to hold registration with a licence or registration without a licence when the scheme begins on 16th November 2009.

Having spoken to people in the GMC in Wales, apparently more than half the doctors on the medical register have now confirmed what they would like their status to be from November. So the focus of the next phase of the campaign is on those who’ve not yet made their licensing decision. A letter going out to these doctors over the next few weeks will ask them to confirm their choice before Friday 14th August, so time is fast running out.

There is also a new website called Licensing help, which you might find useful to take a look at. It features cases studies of doctors in different professional situations, as well as support from senior figures within the medical profession, who’ve already made their licensing decisions.

I filled in and sent off my reply indicating my decision after the first letter I received and I have to say it was a painless process but will be a more difficult decision for some, than for others. However, it is a decision we all have to make.

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