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Monday, 24 August 2009

Chairman of Welsh Council Invites Questions

The Welsh Secretary’s blog is part of a wide range of social media initiatives to ensure communication with our members is as accessible and wide-ranging as possible.

While trying to keep our members and anyone else who reads this blog up to date with current activities, hot topics and general policy position of BMA Cymru Wales, it is also an opportunity for YOU to put questions to the BMA.

Our Chairman of Welsh Council, Andrew Dearden, is particularly keen to receive feedback or questions from our members, whether it concerns junior doctor issues, our Option 7 Campaign, EWTD, etc. So if you have any questions for Andrew please post them here. In fact, if you have questions for any of the Chairs of our committees (GPs, Consultants, Public Health, Medical Students etc) I know they would be delighted to hear form you.

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