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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Don’t delay in getting children protected against measles

I couldn’t agree more with this Western Mail article and the need to make sure children have been vaccinated against measles before the start of the new school year in Wales, in a few weeks time.

It’s only two counties in Wales which aren’t affected by measles, and with around 45,000 youngsters currently unprotected, this outbreak is only likely to get worse when schools go back after the summer holidays.

I have blogged on here before about the need for children to be vaccinated, particularly those who’re school-age and how damaging the unfounded allegations about the MMR jab from several years ago were, with the effects still it seems being felt today. So I think the need for a concerted drive to increase public awareness about the common misconceptions associated with the MMR jab has never been greater, as September approaches.

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