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Monday, 7 September 2009

New award to honour GPs and Consultants in Wales

Just to highlight to our members - a new initiative by Cardiff University - to honour Wales’ best medical supervisor or trainer.

The Wales Deanery Best Educational Supervisor and Trainer (BEST) Awards 2009 have been launched by the University’s School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education. They have been set up to honour GPs and Consultants who have shown excellence in the role of Educational Supervisor of Postgraduate Medicine in Wales.

Any Welsh doctor in training has until mid September to nominate who they think are some of the best medical educational supervisors in Wales. They can nominate Welsh GPs or Consultants, who they believe have performed outstandingly either primary care or secondary care.

Such awards are a great idea, illustrating how medical educational supervisors and trainers play a vital role in delivering high quality training programmes for doctors entering the profession and encouraging more trainees to look to Wales to work and live.

More information about the awards is available from Cardiff University.

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