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Monday, 23 November 2009

Minimum price demand on alcohol –in the news again

I'm pleased to hear that Social Justice and Local Government Minister Dr Brian Gibbons is in discussions with the Scottish Government regarding their plans to introduce legislation on the minimum pricing of alcohol, and has called for action in Wales saying we should follow Scotland’s example.

Although we do not have the powers in Wales to formulate similar legislation yet, I hope this is something that we will see progressing soon. The BMA in Wales has campaigned on alcohol issues for years, and we remain committed to finding practical solutions to the problems we are facing relating to alcohol.

We are not out to ban alcohol – we just want to ensure that the public are aware of the risks associated with drinking, and to promote a sensible approach to it’s intake.

Dr Gibbons has expressed his concern that a person can consume more than their desired daily intake of alcohol for less than £1. Cheap alcohol and marketing has led to a society in which the entire population is drinking more than ever, posing serious risks to health of the nation.

It is time that the Government in Wales took control of this situation. The population is drinking in increasingly harmful ways and the result is a mixture of avoidable medical, psychological and social harm, damaged lives and early deaths.

Earlier in the year we published a report examining the damaging effect of alcohol marketing on young people. To read the report in full click here: "Under the influence - the damaging effect of alcohol marketing on young people" and tell me what you think.

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