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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Action on aggressive behaviour in A&E

I am pleased that the pilot to install CCTV in 4 A&E departments in Wales is being rolled out today and if successful, will be extended across Wales.

The Minister is clearly taking action on the violence and aggressive behaviour agenda.

BMA Cymru have repeatedly stated that there should be zero tolerance to violence of any sort in the NHS and the mechanisms must be there to minimise the likelihood of attacks, to support staff who experience them, and to ensure that anyone who commits an act of violence is dealt with appropriately.

Hopefully these cameras will make people think twice before attacking hospital staff who are trying to ensure the good health and well-being of patients.

Progress still needs to be made however, on protecting those working in primary and community care – especially the lone workers who are particularly vulnerable. I blogged earlier in the year on what BMA Cymru believe would be the most effective mechanisms to eradicate the problem.

I hope that this pilot will prove successful and demonstrate that violence against healthcare workers will not be tolerated.

Have you been subjected to violence and aggression in the workplace? Tell us about your experiences.

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