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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Drinks promotion taken off sale

I was pleased to read this article in the South Wales Echo today.

I commented last week on a promotion that a club in Cardiff was running – 10 alcoholic drinks for £10. The concern that we have is that such deals encourage binge drinking which can have long term effects on health.

The club has now withdrawn the offer – hopefully taking on board our comments.

All these promotional activities serve to normalise alcohol as an essential part of every day life, so it is no surprise that young people are drawn to alcohol.

In a bid to tackle the soaring cost of alcohol-related harm, particularly in young people, we would like to see a total ban on all promotional deals like happy hours, two-for-one purchases and ladies’ free entry nights.

There can be no more softly, softly approach. The access and affordability of alcohol must be tackled head on.

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