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Monday, 1 March 2010

We’ll Keep a Welcome/Pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad

Today we are launching a new campaign "We'll Keep a Welcome" to attract Welsh students who have left the country to study medicine, to return to Wales to train as doctors.

We felt that St. David’s day was the perfect day for our launch.

BMA Cymru Wales will be contacting all schools in Wales to reach out to those prospective medical students before they leave for university.

All students will be sent packs which will include letters from me, as well as from Welsh postgraduate dean Derek Gallen, along with information about training in Wales and posters to put up in medical schools.

The idea for the campaign came about in an effort to tackle the problem of the severe shortage of junior, staff-grade and associate specialist doctors in Wales.

We have a facebook group to accompany the campaign, which is a great resource for keeping in touch and receiving news on what’s going on in Wales - until it’s time for those students to come home.

Here is the link to our facebook group - join it and spread the word!

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