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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Alcohol Pricing

This afternoon in Plenary Health Minister Edwina Hart AM set out the Welsh Assembly Government’s position on alcohol pricing.

I’m pleased that the Welsh Assembly Government are taking the issue of alcohol abuse seriously.

In recent years, the affordability of alcohol in the UK has been increasing, and this has played a significant role in the rise in alcohol consumption.

There is strong and consistent evidence that alcohol consumption and rates of alcohol-related problems are responsive to price.

It is clear that the relationship between the affordability of alcohol and the level of consumption provides an effective tool for controlling levels of consumption and reducing levels of alcohol related harm.

We believe it is essential that there is an increase in the level of excise paid on alcohol in the UK, and this should be relative to the number of units of alcohol. This increased taxation would not only reduce alcohol consumption and its related harms, but would also contribute to providing the necessary funding to meet the social and economic costs of these harms like police enforcement measures, healthcare service costs and treatment services.

We at BMA Cymru urge the Minister to act sooner rather than later in seeking further powers to tackle alcohol abuse, to help improve the health of the people of Wales.

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