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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Why Wales has to persuade doctors to come home

I was pleased to read this article in the Western Mail yesterday written by Conservative Assembly Member Andrew RT Davies, endorsing our We'll Keep A Welcome campaign.

BMA Cymru have consistently highlighted the problem of the shortage of doctors in Wales, which could lead to the NHS becoming unsafe for both staff and patients.

This campaign is the latest move by BMA Cymru to promote Wales as a desirable place to live and work.

We have contacted all schools in Wales to reach out to prospective medical students before they leave for university.

All students have been sent packs which include letters from me, as well as from Welsh postgraduate dean Derek Gallen, along with information about training in Wales and posters to put up in medical schools.

Whilst we are happy to initiate grass roots action here in Wales, the Government has a responsibility to ensure that safety standards in Wales are maintained, and that the citizens of Wales receive the quality healthcare they deserve.

Follow our campaign by joining our facebook group here to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

Tell us why you think Wales is a great place to live and work.....


  1. If only Welsh Students could obtain places at Welsh Medical Schools they would not go to places ,like London ,to study and be lost to Wales forever.

  2. As a GP working in Wales, I believe that the Welsh Assembly has spared us from some of the worst excesses of the English NHS such as outsourcing to private providers and so-called payment by results. I would also say, having previously been in England, that subjectively most patients are a nicer bunch to work with.
    However, I have seen it said somewhere that GPs in Wales are paid typically £15000 less than in England. Part of this is to do with the skewed way in which disease prevalence weightings are calculated.
    Perhaps the move to publish GP incomes will help to establish whether there is any factual basis for these claims. All I know is that doctors will need to see that there are benefits to working in Wales if the recruitment situation is to be improved.


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