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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Action speaks louder than words

BMA Cymru Wales’ Policy and Public Affairs team took part in a Healthy Living event at the Assembly today.

As part of the Assembly’s Healthy Living Week, key health organisations and charities from around Wales had a stand in the Senedd, all with varying themes, focusing on improving health and well-being. It was an excellent opportunity to network and to forge new alliances. BMA Cymru Wales will be meeting with a variety of other organisations over the next few weeks to talk about collaborative working on a number of important health issues.

Assembly Members including, Jeff Cuthbert, Jonathon Morgan, Jenny Randerson, Jane Hutt, Gwenda Thomas and Bethan Jenkins all spoke about the importance of becoming a healthier nation.

Such events are extremely useful, if only to put the issue in the spotlight for a few days. But that’s also where we need to start making a big difference. To stop the ever-growing obesity epidemic here, now’s the time for more than just highlighting the matter for a week. It needs to be continuous, throughout the year. And it needs to be about more than just words. A good point was made by one politician who said it will take years before we start seeing an effect on burgeoning waistlines. But by getting moving NOW, hopefully the tide will turn sooner rather later.

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