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Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010 for Junior Doctors in Wales

My colleague and Chair of the Welsh Junior Doctors Committee Dr Dai Samuel (pictured) looks at the year ahead for junior doctors in Wales.

"2010 brings new and ongoing challenges for the Welsh Junior Doctors Committee. With the introduction of the EWTD back in August 2009, as a committee we are constantly reviewing the impact this is having on the working and training lives of Doctors in Wales. Being part of external groups such as the Junior Doctors Review Group offers the BMA a voice within the Welsh Assembly Government as well as the Wales Deanery and I hope our relationship with both these organisations continues to flourish in the new year.

"An exiting project which will come to fruition this year will be the development of an Ambassador role for junior doctors in Wales as well as working with the Deanery to nurture a network of doctors working on the front line to assess and discuss issues relating to Quality Assurance in medical education.

"Our committee grew and matured last year and I hope that conference 2010 will prove a successful one for the committee. Establishing equal voting rights for devolved nations on JDC have been a source of concern in recent times and this will be undoubtedly be debated at conference. Negotiating a new contract lies on the horizon for UK JDC and I relish the challenge of ensuring that doctors in Wales get a palatable and attractive offer to remain here to work and live. This issue never strays far from the top of the agenda with WJDC and we continue to look at what could and does make Wales a unique place to live and work as a doctor. Links with WMSC continue to mature and I hope I can help encourage students to become doctors in Wales, and members of WMSC members of WJDC!

"My hope is that the committee will attract new members, particularly from hospitals away from the capital city. Our roadshow tours to hospital messes are proving popular and hopefully planting the seeds of interest for new members to attend a committee meeting! Seeing how we can change things and interact with Chief Executives of Local Health Boards is an example of how grassroot members’ voices and opinions have channelled our work plan this year.

"WJDC looks forward to working BMA Cymru, Welsh Council and other professional colleagues in 2010."

Dai Samuel Chairperson WDJC 2009-2010

Are you a junior doctor in Wales? What are your thoughts on issues facing junior doctors for the year ahead?

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