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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New year message from the Chair of Welsh Council, Dr Andrew Dearden

Well a New Year dawns and the snow has fallen again.

There are several big issues facing our profession in the coming year. Not least Revalidation and the preparations for its introduction.

I am pleased to say that due to the work of BMA Cymru Wales, our dedicated staff and Council members, we in Wales are well placed to agree an acceptable and GMC approved system that I think will be welcomed by the doctors in Wales. (see recent revalidation newsletter for details)

But we also face the worse financial situation the country and NHS has faced for many years, if not decades. We face real term funding / cash cuts to the NHS services. While we know who caused the problems we now face, as it was not us(!), it will fall to us to do what we can to protect the NHS and our patients from severe cuts to their medical services.

The new health boards desperately need our input, ideas and suggestions so we can adapt to the financial cuts without damaging cuts to healthcare provision in Wales. While NHS managers may not have listened to us (much) in the past, they really do need to take our advice and ideas now. Not to do so, would be a mistake.

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